Duty Management Services Ltd

DMSL operates a duty management service, which allows our clients to get all the benefits of customs planning without the investment in either resource or training.

Importantly we have created a structure based upon strict customs audit procedures founded upon the experience of over ten years in the Customs computer audit environment.

Our client base ranges from some of the largest UK importers (several clients have UK turnover in excess of £1 billion), to charitable organisations like Shelterbox.

All of our costs include the provision of resources plus specialist software, and include all the entry submission of post frontier declarations. Although the benefits are significant, the annual operating costs are frequently little more than the traditional frontier declaration process.

What is Duty Management?

Duty management is the process of converting your compulsory import process into an opportunity. This can be either reducing the amount of duty you pay, significantly improving your cash flow, and equally importantly, doing this with significantly enhanced compliance and improved management information.


DMSL, in recognising the importance of high levels of compliance on your behalf, have invested significant time and energy into achieving and maintaining Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status, which we first achieved in 2009. Each client will have detailed bespoke documentation surrounding all aspects of customs procedures, which will assist you in achieving in-house AEO

For further details please see AEO.


HMRC  are noticeably increasing their focus on compliance and together with the Senior Accounting Officer (SAO) obligations this makes statutory compliance essential. Unlike traditional clearance agents we will work with you to ensure the accuracy of your declarations as we do not get involved in transport or storage.

To ensure that all our clients get the best service we now have a team of 25 import specialists so that in the event of a team member leaving you will always have access to a fully experienced replacement. Staff are rotated within the teams to ensure they have the greatest breadth of experience